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DevOps and SRE seem like two sides of the same coin.

DevOps Engineer:

Site Reliability Engineer(SRE):

What is the difference between DevOps and SRE?

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It just takes Commitment and Perseverance In becoming a Data-Scientist!


In the 21st century, computer science advancement, development of intelligent machines, and the generation of immense amounts of data have led to the development of new fields of study, Data Science and Machine Learning. …

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The Definitive Guide

Data Science Roadmap shall guide you through every step in your journey from basic to advanced level in Data Science.

In the 21st century, computer science advancement, development of intelligent machines and generation of immense amounts of data has led to the development of new fields of study, buzzwords, Data Science and Machine Learning. From simple tasks like sales prediction of the industry to ambitious projects like self-driven cars, everything is becoming possible by using algorithms and techniques of Data Science.

I myself have been confused for a long time and have made many mistakes while choosing the right direction in the field of Data-Science. …

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Python Tricks to become a better Programmer

Python is free and open-source, as well as most of the products related to it. Also, it has a large, dedicated, and friendly community of programmers and other users. It’s used for data science and machine learning, scientific computing in many areas, back-end Web development, mobile and desktop applications, and so on. Many well-known companies use Python: Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Mozilla, IBM, Quora, Amazon, Spotify, NASA, Netflix, Reddit, and many more.

Its syntax is designed with simplicity, readability, and elegance in mind.

professionally, python can be mainly used for :

  • Backend web development
  • Data Science
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Scientific computing.
  • Machine…

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Have you just finished learning the basics of python? Then it’s time to show your skills with these fun mini-projects.

Learning a new programming language is both a challenging and exciting part which we always experience. For me, that language has been Python, As coders, we all know the best part of getting towards the path of perfection in any programming language is by building projects. With that in mind, let’s discuss a few python mini-projects which you can implement and polish your skills in python.

I would recommend not referring to the code below at the beginning. First, read the project instructions and try implementing them on your own. That will be the most challenging part—seeing if you can…


Domain-Specific Books to Excel in Python.

Getting started with Python or want to learn more about Python in your domain? Then this blog is for you.

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Books are a great form of obtaining information as they help you grasp concepts at your own time and you can read them in your convenience This article brings you the top best books for Python, starting from the beginner-level to domain-specific books for both Beginners and Expert.

This Blog Post is broken down to the following Segments:

  1. Why should you choose Python?
  2. Applications for Python?
  3. Beginner-Level Python Books.
  4. Domain-Specific Python Books.

1. Why Should you choose Python?


Automaton Scripting is one of the most interesting and fascinating things to do as a programmer and control the browser with the help of a code.

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In this particular article, we will see how to log In to the Instagram account using Python and the power of selenium. Let’s understand firstly what is selenium and it’s advantages and features.

What is Selenium?

Selenium automates and controls browsers and it’s activity. We can code in our own way to control browser tasks with the help of selenium. Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes. Boring web-based administration tasks can be automated…

My experience of learning Object Oriented Programming completely changed my style of coding.

picture of Object Oriented Programming from pixabay

Object Oriented means directed towards objects. In precise words, it means functionally directed towards modeling objects which is one of the best techniques used for modelling complex systems.

Object-Oriented Python, The heart of Python programming is a way of programming that focuses on using objects and classes to design and build applications. Major pillars of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) are Inheritance, Polymorphism, Data Abstraction, and Encapsulation.

Note: Python by default doesn’t support Data Abstraction class or methods. …

In this blog, we shall be talking about how can you send an email using python in just a few lines of code. Do read the blog completely in detail to avoid error’s while executing. Let’s get to the main flesh of today’s blog.

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Methods to send Email using Python?

  1. One is web browser automation using selenium. It is a powerful tool to automate stuff on a web browser. It works with all OS and browsers and it’s script is written in various programming languages such as Python, c# and many other languages

Before we Start :

In this Blog we shall be understanding various types of Sorting Algorithms if one is interested in learning different types of Searching Algorithms check out my previous Blog. As Search Algorithms also play an important part of many programs

1. What are Sorting Algorithms?

In the real world, sorting isn’t limited to just numbers. …

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